Kitchen Sync

I've made an album using only sounds from my kitchen.

It's called Kitchen Sync.

JWC014 / SbTR-T006

JWC014 / SbTR-T006

It's out now on Song, by Toad Records.

Kitchen Sync on Bandcamp

Kitchen Sync on iTunes


As well as digitally, it's going to be available with a limited edition set of 4 hand-made fridge magnets.

You can order these directly from Song, by Toad HERE

Each one of these magnets is unique because they were all cut directly out of a stomach-churning 80s cookbook. There are no two the same. Inside each set, I have even gone to the trouble (and believe me it was painstaking) of including the name of the dish from which each magnet was taken. 

I must stress that the combinations (or menus) were chosen for what looked good together rather than what would taste good together but I did spread it out so that every set includes 4 different types of dish. The categories are: soups, salads & starters, meat dishes, poultry dishes, fish dishes, vegetable dishes, supper dishes, savouries & snacks, puddings & desserts, cakes & baking.

That said, there are a couple of special sweet tooth sets entirely comprised of puddings.

EDIT: The magnet sets have now sold out. Soz.


Here is a vid of me sitting in Toad's kitchen talking briefly about how I made each track, featuring animations from the amazing David Galletly.

I also spoke to The List about the album if you want to give that a read.


"In summer 2014, Peter was whisked away on tour with The Kills and I had a few festival dates in the diary. Rather than have someone sit-in and try to approximate the chemistry Peter and I have built up over the last few years in a short space of time, I decided to put together an entirely different setup with some pals in an even shorter space of time."

The result was Jonnie Common and The Wheeled Warriors. We only played 4 shows but I was really happy with the "guitar band" arrangements so I'm glad we managed to capture them for posterity and your listening pleasure.

'JC and The Wheeled Warriors - live from Kyros' (JWC013) is a 9 song / 36min live recording only available for now as a homemade 18-ish page guitar tab book / zine which comes with a CD-r and a free glow-in-the-dark plectrum. The zines will also be signed and numbered.


1. Shark // 2. So-called Summer // 3. Crumbs // 4. Shogun // 5. Binary 101 // 6. Hand-Hand // 7. Figurehead-Wet Wednesday // 8. Infinitea

I'll be making these to order so please allow 3-5 days for dispatch.



It wouldn't be a Carbs video without some form of copyright infringement. Here's the one I've made for 'Infinite Ammo'. Seems appropriate to publish it today.

The album is available to purchase from the Save As bandcamp and there are still a few of the limited physical "pizza box" editions left if you're feeling peckish.

Happy Hallowe'en! x

"Did I misspend my youth? A part of me actually feels like I've been in the rooms of Resident Evil 2."

Wes Borland Farm Shop Challenge

I can't stress how special today was. I can't stress how momentous today will come to be. We are tired. We are emotional. We are skint. But today Peter, Jamie and I completed the Wes Borland Farm Shop Challenge, taking in all 3 Westmorland Farm Shop services in the one day.


Miaoux Miaoux - Luxury Discovery remix

I've remixed my good pal Miaoux Miaoux's new single 'Luxury Discovery'.

You can purchase it from iTunes HERE

It only occurred to me once I'd finished that I should have gone lush disco with it.

Inspector Tapehead - Soldier Boy tour

Going on a wee tour with Inspector Tapehead to promote the new single 'Soldier Boy'. The new album is coming out in October and is called 'So Solar'. You can pre-order it HERE

I've been part of Inspector Tapehead for a long time now, but these shows are to be my last as part of the band for the time being. So come along and watch me play my wee heart out.

02/07/2015 : Henry's Cellar Bar : EDINBURGH : tickets

03/07/2015 : The Lemon Tree : ABERDEEN : tickets

04/07/2015 : The Glad Cafe : GLASGOW : tickets

BBC at The Quay - videos

Some vids from my set at BBC at the Quay last week. Big ta to Vic Galloway for having me and Nick Dempsey for making us look proper.

BBC at the Quay

I'll be playing at BBC at the Quay this Sunday 7th June alongside a bunch of other bands selected and hosted by the one and only Vic Galloway. Gawd bless him.

Come along. It's free.

Tom Robinson session

It was pretty weird (good weird) to be in the room where ~75% of the radio I listen to is made.

My Tom Robinson session is now up on the iplayer for a bit.

Tracks performed: 'Crumbs', 'Better Man' and 'Binary 101'.

Huge thanks to Tom and his team for having me on the show.


Bunch of gigs coming up, ken?


Feb 28 : STIRLING : Tolbooth : supported by Prehistoric Friends : TICKETS

Mar 07 : EDINBURGH : Limbo : supported by A-lix : TICKETS

Mar 09 : GLASGOW : Art School : supporting Tune-Yards : TICKETS

Mar 14 : BBC 6Music : Tom Robinson session : TUNE IN

Mar 17 : MANCHESTER : Gullivers : supporting Kiran Leonard : TICKETS

Mar 21 : LONDON : The Shacklewell Arms : supported by Le Thug : TICKETS

Mar 22 : CARDIFF : The Moon Club : supporting Martin Carr : TICKETS

End-of-year lists

It's been putting a wee spring in my step this month to have tweets trickling in about end-of-year lists that I've made it on to, so I thought I'd say a big THANK YOU and pop a few of them here while I'm at it. Thank you all. It is very much appreciated.

MUSIC LIKE DIRT : The number 1 spot. Top of the pops!

"The wit and playfulness that run through both Jonnie’s lyrics and music shouldn’t mask the depth on display or the songwriting chops involved."

FOLK RADIO UK : They wrote one of my favourite reviews of the album so I'm chuffed to be included here.

"With Trapped in Amber, He has taken sounds that are so bizarre that in isolation could be used by enterprising town councils to scare away feral pigeons."

PODCART : Kinds words from old pals.

"The overwhelming production of this record does not bury any emotion and instead he wears his incredibly quirky and charming heart on his sleeve."

Load In: 2014

We recorded all the Save As shows this year and have compiled some highlights HERE for free download.

Putting this together gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in my soul hole. Dead proud of my pals.

Vic Galloway session - extra track

When I did a session for Vic Galloway's BBC Radio Scotland show last month, we recorded an extra track off the air, which the man himself will broadcast on tonight's show along with loads of other "extra tracks" from 2014 session guests