Trapped In Amber - 4 Years On

Trapped In Amber came out 4 years ago today. Jeeezo. A lifetime. (Two lifetimes actually).

I’d like to take this opp to thank:

David Galletly for making it look so good. I feel like this art is part of me. David gifted me the original drawing and it was The Greatest Thing.

TIA frame.jpg

Keny Drew for burying me up to my neck in leaves irl. Haven’t seen Keny enough the last couple years but his cheeky, hands-on, in-camera attitude is still a big inspiration.

photo by Keny Drew

Matthew Young for believing in me and releasing the album. When I think of this album and Song, by Toad (RIP), among many things, I think of Matthew driving me and Peter to London and back IN ONE DAY so that we could do a 6Music session for Tom Robinson. Unreal.


And lastly but not least-ly, Peter Kelly for his impeccable booms and baps. Peter is RIDICULOUS and I still have to pinch myself sometimes when we play together.

photo by Andy Catlin

The recording of the next album has unfortunately been delayed a few times now and, while I fully expect it to eclipse TIA, these efforts by these people will never be overshadowed.

Also, to anyone who bought the thing, bless your lemon soles x

At The McManus

Delighted to announce that the work I did for The McManus last year has been pressed to vinyl.

At The McManus mockup landscape.jpg

Tommy Perman has created an absolutely gorgeous package with gatefold sleeve and booklet, plus each will contain not one, but two one-of-a-kind components in the form of a riso print and a postcard (sporting the DL code). That’s 300 prints and 300 postcards. No two the same. What a guy! Tommy has gone deep, taking elements of the McManus and my work therein to inform the artwork. I feel like I gave this project my all and Tommy has more than done me proud.

NOW, the museum is not a record label so I don’t know if they have plans to make it available beyond their gift shop and the launch events BUT I do know I’ll be able to put a wee batch of them online later in November (edit: now available here), so keep your onions peeled for that (or sign up to the mailing list).


On November 13th I’ll be presenting the album in a format akin to my Kitchen Sync shows where I broke down each track and showed why/how I did what I did, at the DCA in Dundee.

Info / tix here:

My keynote should look pretty poppin on that big screen.

Good pal to the project, Sam Annand will be kicking things off with a small perfectly imperfectly formed modular set. Super excited about that. Hope I’m not too nervous to enjoy it.

- - -

I’ll also be giving the presentation at my beloved The Glad Cafe in Glasgow on Novrmber 22nd.

Tickets available now.

Here’s the poster for that show. Thanks to Siôn Parkinson for the photo. I have a feeling it’ll see some mileage.

At The McManus - Nov 22nd poster for web.jpg

YouTubular Bells

Jamie and I have made another CARBS album.

Well, it's an ep, but I feel like an album's worth of work went into it...

It's called YouTubular Bells.

It is out now and you can buy it from the Save As Collective bandcamp

You can also stream the whole thing here via YouTube, naturally.

(We had a good laugh filming the fake adverts to go between the songs)

CARBS 02 - by Chris Byrne.jpg

We talked it through, track by track, with The Skinny, if you'd like to read our foremost thoughts about it's creation.

And we'll be celebrating the release with a couple of live shows.

Fri 8th June @ The Glad Cafe, Glasgow

Sat 9th June @ Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Come along and embed yourself in the comments section.

Missing Episode OST

My soundtrack to Missing Episode is now available from my bandcamp.

Missing Episode OST (2017) 600px.jpg

Working on Missing Episode was an absolute joy.

Ross sent me the featured Eastenders episode earlier this year and while he was combing it for poetic significance, I was combing it for sound.

I went through the episode scene by scene and made a little musical sketch for each, using the sounds and rhythms therein.

As a result, there is a lot of material that didn't end up being used in the final piece or developed further, but we thought it'd be fun to put it out there and illustrate part of the process.

Restless video

Delighted to share the video for my new single 'Restless' (out on Song, by Toad Records 6/10/17) by Mario Cruzado. Had a pure lovely time making this. Huuuge thanks to Mario, Jo, Greg and Bridget.

You can pre-order the single HERE

Single launch shows, October 2017: 5th: EDINBURGH, Voodoo Rooms  /  6th: STIRLING, Tolbooth  /  7th: GLASGOW, Hug & Pint  /  9th: LONDON, Servant Jazz Quarters

Tickets available HERE

Restless Tour

Very happy to announce that I'll be playing a few shows in October which will coincide with the release of a single and something happening on your telly - but more news on that later.

Tickets on sale from 10am Friday 28th July. Links to follow shortly.

photo in the poster by the wonderful Andy Catlin :

JWC2016 - Hot Dog Bin Bag

At the end of every year, I do a mix of some of my favourite tracks over the previous 12 months. I became a dad in 2016. At a few days old, my son was the colour of a hotdog and his skin was so soft, it was like touching a bin bag.

Featuring:  Paddy Steer / Glamour Muscle / Glamour Muscle / Grimes / Luke Abbott / Jon Hopkins / Concrete Antenna / Radiohead / Anderson .Paak / Romare / Machinedrum / Bill Ryder-Jones / Vinyl Williams / BADBADNOTGOOD / Lomond Campbell / Monster Rally / Adam Beattie / Kaytranada / The Shacks / Jay Rolex & MC Almond Milk.

Kitchen Sync

I've made an album using only sounds from my kitchen.

It's called Kitchen Sync.

JWC014 / SbTR-T006

JWC014 / SbTR-T006

It's out now on Song, by Toad Records.

Kitchen Sync on Bandcamp

Kitchen Sync on iTunes


As well as digitally, it's going to be available with a limited edition set of 4 hand-made fridge magnets.

You can order these directly from Song, by Toad HERE

Each one of these magnets is unique because they were all cut directly out of a stomach-churning 80s cookbook. There are no two the same. Inside each set, I have even gone to the trouble (and believe me it was painstaking) of including the name of the dish from which each magnet was taken. 

I must stress that the combinations (or menus) were chosen for what looked good together rather than what would taste good together but I did spread it out so that every set includes 4 different types of dish. The categories are: soups, salads & starters, meat dishes, poultry dishes, fish dishes, vegetable dishes, supper dishes, savouries & snacks, puddings & desserts, cakes & baking.

That said, there are a couple of special sweet tooth sets entirely comprised of puddings.

EDIT: The magnet sets have now sold out. Soz.


Here is a vid of me sitting in Toad's kitchen talking briefly about how I made each track, featuring animations from the amazing David Galletly.

I also spoke to The List about the album if you want to give that a read.


"In summer 2014, Peter was whisked away on tour with The Kills and I had a few festival dates in the diary. Rather than have someone sit-in and try to approximate the chemistry Peter and I have built up over the last few years in a short space of time, I decided to put together an entirely different setup with some pals in an even shorter space of time."

The result was Jonnie Common and The Wheeled Warriors. We only played 4 shows but I was really happy with the "guitar band" arrangements so I'm glad we managed to capture them for posterity and your listening pleasure.

'JC and The Wheeled Warriors - live from Kyros' (JWC013) is a 9 song / 36min live recording only available for now as a homemade 18-ish page guitar tab book / zine which comes with a CD-r and a free glow-in-the-dark plectrum. The zines will also be signed and numbered.


1. Shark // 2. So-called Summer // 3. Crumbs // 4. Shogun // 5. Binary 101 // 6. Hand-Hand // 7. Figurehead-Wet Wednesday // 8. Infinitea

I'll be making these to order so please allow 3-5 days for dispatch.



It wouldn't be a Carbs video without some form of copyright infringement. Here's the one I've made for 'Infinite Ammo'. Seems appropriate to publish it today.

The album is available to purchase from the Save As bandcamp and there are still a few of the limited physical "pizza box" editions left if you're feeling peckish.

Happy Hallowe'en! x

"Did I misspend my youth? A part of me actually feels like I've been in the rooms of Resident Evil 2."

Wes Borland Farm Shop Challenge

I can't stress how special today was. I can't stress how momentous today will come to be. We are tired. We are emotional. We are skint. But today Peter, Jamie and I completed the Wes Borland Farm Shop Challenge, taking in all 3 Westmorland Farm Shop services in the one day.