Figurehead single launch

My new single ‘Figurehead’ is out Feb 18th via download and limited cassette on Red Deer Club.

I’m launching it on Sat 16th Feb at Broadcast in Glasgow (427 Sauchiehall Street) with THE BEST BILL IN THE WORLD.

Jonnie Common (ft. Peter Kelly) + Miaoux Miaoux + grnr + Ar Droops (just announced)

Doors 8pm / £5 / £4adv

Miaoux Miaoux and grnr both featured on Hair Of The Dog and are no strangers to my gushing praise.

And to kick off the night with a mini-set of maxi-wordplay, we have new kid on the block, the rapping reincarnation of The Japanese War Effort, my wee bro Ar Droops.

Are you excited? I AM VERY EXCITED.