Hair Of The Dog - free download

Video by David Galletly.

“Hair Of The Dog, the remix album of Jonnie Common’s debut ‘Master Of None’ was released by Red Deer Club as a limited run of screenprints by artist David Galletly in November 2011. These are all long gone, so it’s time to let the dog off the lead.”

The album features remixes from Geese, Dems, FOUND, Ben Butler & Mousepad, OnTheFly, River Of Slime, grnr, A La Fu + Loomid, Miaoux Miaoux and The Japanese War Effort.

Thanks to all who contributed to Hair Of The Dog. I am still as insanely chuffed with it as I was the day it was released.

You can grab your FREE download via the Red Deer Club shop. ENJOY.