Home Taping Is Killing The Internet

Hello, you.

Its Wednesday. We’ve just tipped over into the ‘less than a fortnight til Christmas’ dangerzone.

If, like me, you are wracking your brain for little gifts that people might actually enjoy rather than merely tick the box of ‘gesture completed’, one of these could be just the ticket.

It’s a badge. Of a tape. Which comes with a download for an EP I made using tape. Yes, that’s right. This item is even more conceptually pure than if it were actually a tape.

Everybody loves tapes. We grew up with them. Even stupid kids who only listen to music off their phones up the backs of buses think tapes are cool. Not actual tapes, mind. Just on t-shirts and that.

So this is enough of a tape for a tape-lover to love but also not-a-tape enough to satisfy someone who doesn’t own a tape player.

EVERYBODY WINS. Except the English language.

The lovely badges were made by lovely people Keny Drew & Showpony. I’ve known Keny for a wee bit now, bumping into him at various gigs. When he asked if I’d be interested in having my name on one of his boutique glass tape badges, I thought “Yes, I bloody would.” but I also thought there wasn’t much point unless there was some musical element involved.

So I set about recording songs to tape, mixing songs to tape and making songs from bits of old tape I recently found in my mum’s attic. The result is JWC008. A 19 minute position chrome odyssey.

And that’s what you get when you buy a badge. Something to put on your jacket and something to put in your ears. (Do not, I repeat, do not put the badge in your ear.)