Jonnie Common Vs grnr

Last weekend there was a special one-off* show at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow.

If you’ve not heard me raving about him before, grnr is the sonic pseudonym of electronic musician Gav Thomson. He’s done two remixes for me now and they are both absolute belters.

The Glad Cafe asked if we’d like to share a bill and, as Gav had recently supported me at my single launch, we decided to put in some extra effort and make it more than just a gig where we both happened to be playing.

I learned some of Gav’s parts. He learned some of mine. I made some visuals and he designed an amazing light show for the whole set.

We performed his two JC remixes and, as we’ve both contributed tracks to the forthcoming mixtape from Ar Droops, we played those too, with Droops joining us on stage to spit his bits.

It was a lot of fun, despite being slightly under-cooked in places.

Chris Adams from ScotVis put together this video of us playing ‘Hand-Hand / Summer Is For Going Places’ which has turned out very nicely.

*I say one-off, but we put in a fair bit of work and it was so much fun that it definitely wouldn’t take much to talk us into doing it again sometime.