The Jonnie Commonwealth Games

“It’s the athletic event of the summer. Make your way to the southside of Glasgow for the highly anticipated Jonnie Commonwealth Games. Hosted and DJ’d by your man Jonnie Common, the night will feature three acts of extreme musical athleticism, pitting their wits together to run a tune-filled relay. Manchester’s Paddy Steer headlines, with support from Glasgow’s Joe Howe and MC Almond Milk representing the sovereign state of Govan.”

Yep. It’s going to be a bloody hoot. I’ll be DJing in my short shorts from an exercise bike. Get yr TICKETS here, ladies.

I am so excited about this bill. I really hope you can make it along. Paddy needs to be seen to be believed. Joe’s new EP is so strong and though I have yet to witness MC Almond Milk share a stage with his mischievous gf DJ Nightmares, I’m betting it’ll be great fun.