Deskjob reviews

It’s been 3 weeks now since I launched DESKJOB and there’s been some great feedback.

Honing his multifarious craft as curator, producer and alt-pop svengali, bespectacled tech-wizard Jonnie Common has pulled a sonorous blinder withDeskjob

The List magazine - launch gig review

Jonnie Common has been about the scene for a wee while now turning his trade in various different bands and for the better of many other acts. Tonight he presents a night promoting his “not remixed” album DESKJOB which features an array of talent from across the country…

Rave Child - launch gig review

Jonnie Common has approached this project – as a collaboration and not a post-production exercise…

Songs Heard on Fast Trains - in depth album review

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a BIG THANKS to everyone involved: The acts, the launch audience, the album purchasers and the reviewers above. I have the horn for you all.

Online copies (available HERE) are almost sold out. Just a reminder, after they’re gone, the album will only be available from the featured acts at their live shows.

Cheers & Hoots!