Found - Anti Climb Paint

FOUND are one of my favourite bands.

Their output is consistently innovative and brilliantly executed.

A few months ago, I had a dream that I was making a video with them in Cupar’s Fisher & Donaldson bakery. (The lovely family that run the bakery are FOUND uber-fans so this wasn’t a random dream-combo). The dream was mainly composed of me being stuck in a one-way supermarket carpark slip road, desperately trying to get back to ‘the set’ but still. FOUND recently made (the relevant bits of) this dream a reality with the video for their new single ‘Anti Climb Paint’.

However, the wonderful partnership of FOUND (FND) and Fisher & Donaldson (F’n'D) hasn’t stopped there because, Anti Climb Paint is being released as a CHOCOLATE 7″ RECORD. No joke.

Details of how to obtain one can be found here:

I am seriously hoping that these kind of efforts by F’n'D might eventually lead to me being able to download a fudge donut. When that happens, I am finished. But I won’t care.


Here’s my remix of ‘Anti Climb Paint’

It can be downloaded from FOUND’s bandcamp profile HERE