Glasgow Podcart Deskjob Special

I popped round to Glasgow Podcart HQ last week to chat/waffle about the artists who feature on DESKJOB and spin tracks of theirs from previous releases.

You can listen to the podcast HERE

This is what I played:

01 Panda Su - I Begin

02 Adam Beattie – Blood In My Eyes

03 Iona Marshall - M&K

04 The Travelling Band – Sundial

05 Meursault – Another

06 The Oates Field – Edinburgh Rock

07 Inspector Tapehead - Pherenzik Tear (early demo)

08 Autistic Angus - Oh No (demo)

09 Conquering Animal Sound – Wasp

10 eagleowl – MF

11 Jonnie Common - photosynth (edit)

It was a lovely morning.

I ate an orange curd muffin.

Halina had a blueberry one.

Big ta to her for having me!

Wee mention of the DESKJOB project on Drowned In Sound today too. Booya!