Vic Galloway Session - Dec 5th

On monday, I went in to do a live session for Vic Galloway’s show on Radio Scotland.

L-R: grnr (trumpeteer) Greg Waddell (tromboner) Jonnie Common (dietitian) Vic Galloway (Tazmanian devil)

As Peter was away on tour with The Kills, and with the remix album having just come out, I decided to make it a bit of a remix-themed set.

Committing to bespoke work at little notice. That’s the way uh-huh uh-huh etc.

Listen again on the BBC iplayer

Vic’s Monday shows also get repeated on the Friday, so my ghost will be riding the airwaves again on the 9th at 10pm.

Big ta to Vic for having me in, and his wonderful team for looking after us.