I had a particularly excellent day yesterday.

I spent Tuesday recording Autistic Angus and the mixing yesterday went really well. Very rewarding.SATISFACTION

Then I took a walk in the sunshine to buy some teabags, popped into my mate’s shop and had a lovely chat. CONTENTMENT

The post came with a boomkat delivery I forgot I’d even ordered and a juicy mix CD from LMK. SURPRISE & DELIGHT

Neil Meursault popped round to lay down a track before his album launch at the Captain’s Rest.EXCITEMENT

I went down to the launch where the guys played an absolute belter. I got a shout-out. Probably unwise to admit, but getting a shout-out momentarily transforms me into a giddy 15 year old girl. GIDDINESS

Today I am writing an essay. COMEDOWN

Catch Ye Versace x