Trapped In Amber - launch gigs

Glasgow and Edinburgh launches. Same bill. Different days.

Following 2011's Master of None, Jonnie Common's new release on Song, by Toad Records is a twelve strong collection of carefully crafted pop songs. His blueprint of precisely loose beats, unwitting samples, cunning lyricism and dreamy production blend into living music, full of energy and vital vitality. Jonnie will be joined onstage by longtime live collaborator Peter Kelly on drums, whose frightfully tight grooves meld marvellously with JC's bleeps and beats.

WOLF is the current guise of Kim Moore (formerly of Zoey Van Goey), and her fractal, gently dripping-ice electronic pop is a joy. Deep, swooning layers of viola and programmed percussion unravel into delicately formed songs. Each performance we've seen from Kim has exceeded her last, and WOLF continues to hint at an exciting future. Just don't miss out on the present.

Returning to Scotland after his frankly astounding Edinburgh Fringe show "Standby For Tape Back-Up", poet Ross Sutherland is an original voice. His performance at the Fringe, blending spoken word with sentimental-but-never-nostalgic 90s-referencing videotaped content is an incredible piece of work, and we're honoured to have such a master of words travel north to perform for us. 

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