End-of-year lists

It's been putting a wee spring in my step this month to have tweets trickling in about end-of-year lists that I've made it on to, so I thought I'd say a big THANK YOU and pop a few of them here while I'm at it. Thank you all. It is very much appreciated.

MUSIC LIKE DIRT : The number 1 spot. Top of the pops!

"The wit and playfulness that run through both Jonnie’s lyrics and music shouldn’t mask the depth on display or the songwriting chops involved."

FOLK RADIO UK : They wrote one of my favourite reviews of the album so I'm chuffed to be included here.

"With Trapped in Amber, He has taken sounds that are so bizarre that in isolation could be used by enterprising town councils to scare away feral pigeons."

PODCART : Kinds words from old pals.

"The overwhelming production of this record does not bury any emotion and instead he wears his incredibly quirky and charming heart on his sleeve."