Trapped In Amber - 4 Years On

Trapped In Amber came out 4 years ago today. Jeeezo. A lifetime. (Two lifetimes actually).

I’d like to take this opp to thank:

David Galletly for making it look so good. I feel like this art is part of me. David gifted me the original drawing and it was The Greatest Thing.

TIA frame.jpg

Keny Drew for burying me up to my neck in leaves irl. Haven’t seen Keny enough the last couple years but his cheeky, hands-on, in-camera attitude is still a big inspiration.

photo by Keny Drew

Matthew Young for believing in me and releasing the album. When I think of this album and Song, by Toad (RIP), among many things, I think of Matthew driving me and Peter to London and back IN ONE DAY so that we could do a 6Music session for Tom Robinson. Unreal.


And lastly but not least-ly, Peter Kelly for his impeccable booms and baps. Peter is RIDICULOUS and I still have to pinch myself sometimes when we play together.

photo by Andy Catlin

The recording of the next album has unfortunately been delayed a few times now and, while I fully expect it to eclipse TIA, these efforts by these people will never be overshadowed.

Also, to anyone who bought the thing, bless your lemon soles x