YouTubular Bells

Jamie and I have made another CARBS album.

Well, it's an ep, but I feel like an album's worth of work went into it...

It's called YouTubular Bells.

It is out now and you can buy it from the Save As Collective bandcamp

You can also stream the whole thing here via YouTube, naturally.

(We had a good laugh filming the fake adverts to go between the songs)

CARBS 02 - by Chris Byrne.jpg

We talked it through, track by track, with The Skinny, if you'd like to read our foremost thoughts about it's creation.

And we'll be celebrating the release with a couple of live shows.

Fri 8th June @ The Glad Cafe, Glasgow

Sat 9th June @ Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Come along and embed yourself in the comments section.