"In summer 2014, Peter was whisked away on tour with The Kills and I had a few festival dates in the diary. Rather than have someone sit-in and try to approximate the chemistry Peter and I have built up over the last few years in a short space of time, I decided to put together an entirely different setup with some pals in an even shorter space of time."

The result was Jonnie Common and The Wheeled Warriors. We only played 4 shows but I was really happy with the "guitar band" arrangements so I'm glad we managed to capture them for posterity and your listening pleasure.

'JC and The Wheeled Warriors - live from Kyros' (JWC013) is a 9 song / 36min live recording only available for now as a homemade 18-ish page guitar tab book / zine which comes with a CD-r and a free glow-in-the-dark plectrum. The zines will also be signed and numbered.


1. Shark // 2. So-called Summer // 3. Crumbs // 4. Shogun // 5. Binary 101 // 6. Hand-Hand // 7. Figurehead-Wet Wednesday // 8. Infinitea

I'll be making these to order so please allow 3-5 days for dispatch.