Kitchen Sync

I've made an album using only sounds from my kitchen.

It's called Kitchen Sync.

JWC014 / SbTR-T006

JWC014 / SbTR-T006

It's out now on Song, by Toad Records.

Kitchen Sync on Bandcamp

Kitchen Sync on iTunes


As well as digitally, it's going to be available with a limited edition set of 4 hand-made fridge magnets.

You can order these directly from Song, by Toad HERE

Each one of these magnets is unique because they were all cut directly out of a stomach-churning 80s cookbook. There are no two the same. Inside each set, I have even gone to the trouble (and believe me it was painstaking) of including the name of the dish from which each magnet was taken. 

I must stress that the combinations (or menus) were chosen for what looked good together rather than what would taste good together but I did spread it out so that every set includes 4 different types of dish. The categories are: soups, salads & starters, meat dishes, poultry dishes, fish dishes, vegetable dishes, supper dishes, savouries & snacks, puddings & desserts, cakes & baking.

That said, there are a couple of special sweet tooth sets entirely comprised of puddings.

EDIT: The magnet sets have now sold out. Soz.


Here is a vid of me sitting in Toad's kitchen talking briefly about how I made each track, featuring animations from the amazing David Galletly.

I also spoke to The List about the album if you want to give that a read.