DESKJOB is an album of performances by…

Meursault, Panda Su, Conquering Animal Sound, eagleowl, Adam Beattie, Iona Marshall, Autistic Angus, The Oates Field, Adam P Gorman, and Inspector Tapehead.

…with all tracks being produced by Jonnie Common;

a Glasgow-based artist recently signed to Manchester label Red Deer Club, formerly known as Down the Tiny Steps (Fence Records) and currently part of Inspector Tapehead (Song, By Toad).

Jonnie invited this rich cast of talent to record one of their songs in a minimal format and persuaded them to grant him cart blanche in adding instrumentation as he saw fit. The result is a strong and eclectic full length album of unique arrangements which will be launched with a one-off performance at The Captain’s Rest on Wednesday the 6th of April.

The launch will feature 9 of the 10 acts, with each act playing 2 songs in intimate fashion.

“This project was about getting lots of people who I think are immensely talented onto a release together. I’m very proud of the album and if it turns any fans of one act onto any of the 9 others, then I’ll have done what I set out to.” Jonnie

DESKJOB is released on April 6th 2011 and limited to 500 copies.

Please note: after the first 100 copies have sold, DESKJOB will only be available directly from the featured acts at their live shows.*

For more info, tickets to the launch and album pre-orders,


Due to some very generous but slightly inaccurately timed promotion courtesy of the lovely Song, By Toadrecords, people are under the impression that Oct 3rd is a day for the diaries so, rather than just letting that slip silently into the ‘what happened there?’ drawer, the extremely limited remaining physical copies of Deskjob will be available from the Toad shop as of monday.

When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Long live Toad. “Semper Bufo!”

ps. Though it features two of the bands on their roster, Deskjob isn’t actually a Song, By Toad release but Matthew is incredibly supportive of the project and we thought this would be a good way to confuse the issue even more :)

- - - 

*DESKJOB is limited to 500 copies and is now only available directly from the featured acts at their live shows. Big thanks to all of you who bought the first 100 copies and attended the launch gig!