“It seems to be a recording that could only be made for tape - not constrained by styles of any particular time, but fully exploiting the sonic idiosyncrasies of a homemade mixtape.”

Roy Mohan Shearer, Berlin, 2012

JWC008 all badges cropped.jpg

JWC008 is a 19 minute tape-based EP from Jonnie Common, sold exclusively as a limited edition glass badge by artists Keny Drew & Showpony.

Available from Keny’s site for only £7 (which include p&p)

If you ask him nicely, he’ll do his best to supply a specific colour (while stocks last).

Badge approx 50 x 30 mm

Here’s a video we made for the opening track which 100% accurately documents the badge making process.


(00.00) JWC0000008

(00.10) So-called Summer

(04.37) TAPE2

(05.25) When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

(06.29) Coast Is Clear

(08.51) Low db

(09.42) Evil Genius

(10.20) TAPE3

(11.30) Fractal

(14.02) Exit Stage Right

(15.47) TAPE6

(17.31) Slow Reader